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Could a Thermostat Cover save your organisation hundreds of pounds?

The Carbon Trust suggests that every time a thermostat is turned up by one degree heating costs will increase by a staggering 8%. Likewise, Friends of the Earth suggests that turning the thermostat down by 1 degree could save as much as £30 a year. So with gas and electricity prices continuing to rise, it is hardly surprising in these times of austerity that more and more organisations are seeking to restrict who adjusts their thermostats.

CW Technologies' unique thermostat protection covers can help businesses do just this. These lockable, thermostat covers are made from a tough, polycarbonate material, with the lid closing over the thermostat control. Featuring ventilation holes to ensure the thermostat continues to operate normally - even if it is a wireless device - all five thermostat protection products are available in a clear polycarbonate so the thermostat's settings can easily been seen without opening the cover.

A robust lock is then used to hold the cover/lid down. Supplied with two keys as standard, additional keys are also available should more than two individuals wish to access the thermostat. This is particularly important in hospitals and nursing homes where night-shifts are in place.

So who is buying them? Well the above two organisation types for starters. Also many residential and commercial letting agents are also beginning to appreciate how a thermostat controller cover can save them £100s over just one year. Councils, care homes, schools, shared accommodate blocks and universities also buy these on a regular basis.

Whilst we at would never dream of telling any organisation how they should spend their budgets, what we would say is if your organisation has any thermostats positioned in public or multi-occupancy areas, then it is fair to say that a thermostat cover costing less than £20 could well save you £100s if not £1,000s.