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Hotels Warned! Spend a little on security screws now or a lot on refurbishing later

The reasons for security screws and security fixings being bought from this website are far ranging, but none are perhaps as strange as in this case.

A hotelier recently contacted CW Technologies to buy a box of 100 6 lobe security screws. Initially, all he would tell us was that “he'd had enough”. It later transpired that he had been persuaded by a regular to install fixed bottle openers in every room. This way customers could open beer bottles themselves in their rooms without having to trouble the reception.

Since installing these openers, the problem has come about that on two occasions residents have allegedly taken a liking to them. Presumably using a standard flat head screw driver or perhaps a knife, these guests are believed to have removed the openers and taken them home as a useful souvenir.

Although these openers are not expensive to replace, the real problem came from the hotelier taking time to notice they had gone. So when the next person brought a bottle of beer back to their room and became frustrated at the lack of implements to open it, they used the side of the table to open their bottles!

In both cases it went on to cost the owner in excess of £250 each time to repair his fitted table and cabinet.

As a footnote to this, since buying his 100 6 lobe pins from us, he has since only bought safes and fire extinguishers from us!