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The rise of the M3.5 Pin Hex Security Screw

In recent times, the security screw industry has seen a real growth in the sale of its M3.5 pin hex security screws. To the lay-person this is a seemingly obscure size and type. However, anyone in the electrical trade will immediately identify this screw as one which is used in electrical sockets. So why does it sell so well?

As there is little of value behind the plastic panel on the front of an electrical socket, this screw is all about safeguarding. It is often employed in prisons, youth offender institutes, nursing homes and institutes/asylums.

Specifically within Prisons and Youth offending buildings, these screws can protect others from the malicious and dangerous acts of others. Whether driven out of boredom or something more sinister, the M3.5 Pin Hex offers an essential barrier. The same is true in institutes and nursing homes, with this screw protecting people from themselves if necessary.