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Gavin M

Mon 17th Feb 2020

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP? SSP are our trusted supplier, always willing to go the extra mile.
2.What did you think of the product? The products are always of superior quality , these where a bespoke design to address an unusual issue we had.
3.What did we get right? From design to delivery time, everything was excellent
4.What could we improve? I can’t think of anything.
5. Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? Gwyn Ewens
Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us? 5 I would put 6 if it was an option


Thu 13th Feb 2020

1.I chose to buy from SSP as, when sourcing the Visitor Book, your site was one of the main ones to come up. I also liked the choice of different sizes, prices, orientation (eg portrait or landscape) etc of what you could provide.
2.Having received the book and backboard I ordered, I am very pleased with the quality and professional look of these products. Unfortunately, as this is something new being introduced to our Reception, I have not had the go-ahead from management to start using these yet.
3.The ordering process was simple, clear and straight-forward and the order arrived exactly when expected and was securely packaged.
4.I cannot see any areas necessary for improvement in your service and would be very happy to use you again.
5.I did not deal with a particular individual, it was all done online.
Rating: 5/5

David H

Thu 13th Feb 2020

1.We have plenty of Tamtorque clamps but needed some more power bits, I did a Google search, browsed through a few results, one wouldn’t sell bits without selling the clamps, but we have plenty already, so I continued the search and you had a good price and very good customer reviews.
2.The product is as expected, exactly what we needed.
3. Price is good, no hassle, easy to order, reviews clear to see.
4. I didn’t get a confirmation email after ordering, which I kept meaning to double check but never got round to. I was about to check when I received the email saying the order was out for delivery, but it was about a week later. So maybe an automated email at the ordering stage – I did check my junk folder but still didn’t see one.

Jenny S

Wed 12th Feb 2020

1 – in line with GDPR for confidentiality your product fit the bill
2 – the product suits our needs but we are transferring to electronic register
3 – your service is excellent
4 – nothing to improve for us

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Tall Rubber Heavy Duty Car Kerb Ramp for Mopeds and Motorbikes

SSP No: 12282

RRP £70.70 (£84.84 inc vat)

NOW £54.80 (£65.76 inc vat)

SSP’s extra-large kerb ramps are a cost effective way of giving vehicles easy access up larger kerbs and steps. These are suitable for use

  • Up a pavement edge
  • Into a garage
  • Up step to back or front doors
  • Around warehouses and industrial plants
  • Around Car parks
  • Providing disabled access

Each ramp consists of 20 kilograms of solid rubber meaning once they go down they will not move or wobble. They are also suitable for vehicles of any weight (SWL 40kg), regardless of whether it’s a wheelchair, car, trolley or heavy goods lorry going over the top of them. Each ramp is 600mmm wide (23 inches) and gradually inclines to a height of 150mm (4 inches) - meaning it will work on almost any size kerb.

Features and Benefits

  • Reflective stripes making them conspicuous to both drivers and pedestrians
  • Gentle incline of 23° on average
  • 20kg weight means ramps go down and stay down – no wobble
  • Drill holes means they can be attached to help prevent theft
  • Will take up to 40 tonnes load capacity
  • Channel in base allows hoses, cables and rainwater to pass through
  • Textured pattern for greater tyre traction

Price quoted is per single kerb ramp

Delivery: 1-2 days if ordered before 2pm

Size: 600mm wide x 360mm deep x 150mm high

Why buy from SecuritySafetyProducts?
Established in 1999, our team has over 50 years of security and safety experience between us.  This experience really counts when it comes to sourcing / manufacturing our quality product range - with the savings we make being directly passed on to you at some of the UK's lowest online prices.

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