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Darren A

Fri 24th Jan 2020

Great service as always 10 out of 10

Kelly R

Thu 23rd Jan 2020

Your products were recommended to us by our fire officer when reviewing our fire risk assessment. The switch covers we ordered were delivered promptly and in good condition.

Andy L

Thu 23rd Jan 2020

Sign delivered thank you
We needed a sign for a trailer so did a search and you came up
Good product delivered quickly

Michael W

Thu 23rd Jan 2020

The sign looks amazing. Thank you for creating them for me.

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Emergency Break Glass/Gas Button Cover C533 With Integral Alarm Extra Deep (Surface Mount) Yellow

SSP No: 11547

break glass cover |STI 6533
gas shut off point covers
call point cover
alarm covers
call point cover
break glass covers
break glass cover
call point covers
Gas shut off button cover

RRP £75.00 (£90.00 inc vat)

NOW £69.80 (£83.76 inc vat)

This best selling emergency stop button cover has been specifically developed to prevent accidental and malicious activation of surface mounted e-stop buttons.

Every year, UK manufacturers lose thousands of working hours through e-stop buttons being accidentally pressed. With machinery often needing to be completely reset, the lost hours to a business can directly impact productivity and ultimately their profitability. This ingenious cover has been designed to combat this.

This alarmed extra deep cover is made from toughened 3mm thick polycarbonate. This material has been used as it is proven to withstand even the heaviest of impacts without shattering or cracking.

Designed to protect all kinds of E-stop buttons, even mushroom buttons, this hinged cover requires little-to-no DIY experience to fit. Simply fit the cover over the top of previously installed shut off buttons using the screws and rawl plugs it is supplied with. This popular product also has pop-outs at the top and bottom should you need the cover to go over conduit / trunking leading to your button (see images).

This version of the cover also comes with a 105 decibel sounder. When lifted the alarm, the alarm will instantly alert other that the e-stop button is either being tampered or activated.

This unique shut off button cover is also supplied with a rubber seal and gasket, making it suitable for covering external buttons and buttons that are located in harsh environments.

Once in place, should you need to operate the button, simply lift the lid.

How does the alarm work?
As soon as the cover's lid is lifted an extremely loud 105 decibel alarm (from 1 metre away) will sound, immediately deterring anyone from maliciously pushing the button, switch or break glass. Only once the lid is return to the closed position will the sounder stop operating.


Want a different message entirely?
Alternatively, if you want a different message altogether, please click on Bespoke Message for covers in related products at the bottom of this page. 


  • External Depth: 105mm (4.13")  | Internal Depth: 101mm (3.97")
  • External Width: 137mm (5.39")  | Internal Width: 116mm (4.58")
  • External Height: 207mm (8.14") | Internal Height: 138mm (5.43")
  • Price quoted is per unit
  • Fixings: Supplied with extra long screws and wall plugs

Delivery: Next working day when ordered before 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Why buy from SSP Direct?
Established way back in 1999, we are now preferred suppliers to hundreds of schools, local authorities and hospitals. At SSP, we pride ourselves on offering an efficient service, supplying quality products and delivering good, honest customer service. We are proud to say that most of our sales now are to repeat customers, which we believe to be the greatest testimony we could ask for.

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