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Pre-Serviced and ready to use 6 litre AFFF Foam Fire extinguisher with bracket

SSP No: 14846

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The biggest single problem with buying fire extinguishers online is the customer is effectively buying a problem. Once purchased, they will instantly need to get it serviced in line with BS5306 part 3. This should be done by someone who is BAFE accredited.
Why wouldn't you get someone locally to supply, fit and service?
Cost - pure and simple. Although there are many highly reputable Fire protection companies in the UK, they have a number of costs they have to cover. Not least staff cost and travel expenses. As such, when they get to site, they will be looking to earn maximum profit on product supply and then on the cost of annual extinguisher servicing. They will also be keen to upgrade any elderly or worn-out looking extinguishers.
How can SSP help?
We can take away a lot of the unknown costs by supplying this pre-serviced AFFF Foam fire extinguisher. By working with a local, Bury (Lancashire) based company, the extinguishers that we send out to you will be ready for use. With a service label attached to the side of the extinguisher, our BAFE qualified engineer will have signed it. In effect, this means your extinguisher is fit and ready for use for the next 12 months. All you have to do is attach it to the wall using the bracket provided or place it in a fire extinguisher stand (available below). In line the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, you may also wish to display a fire extinguisher ID sign directly above it, which clearly states what the extinguisher can and cannot be used on.
How long will my extinguisher last?
Whilst this extinguisher comes with a 5 year warranty on it and could 10 years and beyond, this extinguisher will need to be serviced by someone local to you in 12 months' time. The company you use should be BAFE qualified.
What standard is my extinguisher made to?
Being a pressurised vessel, our extinguishers are CE marked and display the universally recognised British kitemark. The colour scheme it adopts - with a 5% colour coding - is compliant with BS EN3.
Where do I site my extinguisher?
If you are using the bracket provided, your extinguisher should be sited around 1 metre from the ground. In line with the guidelines of BS5306, fire points should be every 30 metres and located in conspicuous areas, so they are easy to locate in an emergency. Many fire protection companies locate fire extinguishers near fire exits or near fire alarm call points. Unless you have a specific, high risk in one room, you should look to locate your extinguisher in a corridor rather than in a room. One thing you must bear in mind is you should never block fire exit routes. Finally, if children are around, you may wish to buy brackets that help ensure that the extinguisher cannot easily be knocked of the wall and fall on someone's foot.
How do I know if this is the right extinguisher for the job?
The UK's biggest selling extinguisher is the CO2. This is because it can extinguish flammable liquid and, perhaps more importantly, fire that is ignited by electrics. Alongside, a CO2 you should either site a 6 litre foam or 6 litre water extinguisher. Whilst both extinguisher types can put out Class A fires (solids, like wood and textiles), arguably, the foam extinguisher gives you greater cover as it also has a Class B rating for dealing with flammable liquid fires. If you have a limited budget, you may wish to simply install an ABC powder fire extinguisher instead of the afore mentioned extinguishers. As the name implies, this caters for all risks '" Class A  fires (wood, solids and textiles), Class B fire (flammable liquids) and Class C fire (Gas), as well as dealing effectively is electric source fires. The only downside of a Powder extinguisher is the fine particles in the powder extinguisher will stay airborne for up to 7 days. As such, this may not be desirable for a catering environments or even an office where you would like staff to come back into work and quickly pick up where they left off.
Delivery: 2-3 days, as each extinguisher will need to have an initial service on the day of purchase to give you the maximum 12 months. Delivery is free if you spend over £75+VAT
Why buy from SSP?
Both of SSP's directors have previously worked for the UK's market leading fire protection company. Having presented at national road shows, produced marketing literature, trained others on the use of the products and gone through the four day servicing course, we feel we are qualified offer this service. We also have an absolute commitment to improve fire safety in the UK through offering the best possible advice and through supplying fully accredited products.


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