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Darren A

Fri 24th Jan 2020

Great service as always 10 out of 10

Kelly R

Thu 23rd Jan 2020

Your products were recommended to us by our fire officer when reviewing our fire risk assessment. The switch covers we ordered were delivered promptly and in good condition.

Andy L

Thu 23rd Jan 2020

Sign delivered thank you
We needed a sign for a trailer so did a search and you came up
Good product delivered quickly

Michael W

Thu 23rd Jan 2020

The sign looks amazing. Thank you for creating them for me.

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THERMOSTOP Thermostat Cover Medium

SSP No: 694

thermostat covers sti- 9105
thermostat covers
thermostat guard
thermostat guard
air conditioning cover
9105 thermostat cover

RRP £19.98 (£23.98 inc vat)

NOW FROM £17.95 (£21.54 inc vat)

This best selling cover is designed to prevent others from tampering with your heating levels. This can help users conserve energy, reduce heating bills and, in some cases, protect the vulnerable.

Every one degree a thermostat is turned up by is proven to cost households and businesses between £30 and £80 a year. To combat this, by spending around £20 on a ThermoSTOP, you could save £100s if not £1000s every year. This cover is great for use in public buildings (like hospitals, churches and schools), care homes and some multi-occupancy buildings.

This cover can also be used to save lives, with many of our customers buying it to stop those suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia from turning the heating down or off.

Finally, this same cover to can be used to prevent malicious vandalism or accidental damage to your thermostat controller.

As this short video shows, this thermostat cover is incredibly tough and robust. With the screws located on the inside of the cover so the unit cannot be easily removed, this 3mm thick, shatterproof polycarbonate cover is designed to simply be fitted over the top of an existing wall mounted thermostat, controller or energy sensor.

Before fitting, we would always advise appropriate consultation should be carried out with all affected parties. We would also advise users to ensure that the heating is set at a reasonable level.

Possible Applications

  • Additional needs schools
  • Sheltered accommodation / Assisted living
  • Care and nursing homes
  • Church halls
  • Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities
  • Multi-occupancy buildings
  • Food production areas
  • Tenanted buildings

Features & Benefits

  • Supplied with screws and wall plugs, this cover is easy to install over the top of an existing controller
  • Your thermostat will continue to function correctly as the 4mm wide holes around the edge of the cover allows air to circulate freely 
  • Interior wall behind vents prevents any tampering through small vent holes
  • Thermostat cover comes with a robust key lock mechanism and two keys to prevent unauthorised entry (additonal keys available in the link below) 
  • By adding one of the spacers shown below, the depth of this cover can be extended by either 30mm or 50mm 
  • Toughened polycarbonate has been tested from -400F (-400C) up to 1200F ( 490C)

Package Contains:

  • One medium thermoSTOP thermostat cover
  • 4 x screws and rawl plugs for easy fitting
  • 2 keys (more keys available below for multiple users)

What two of our customers have said...

".....being responsible for many tenanted buildings and having bought every type of thermostat protector sold by SSP Direct, I am convinced that this product has saved my company many £1,000s over the years.."

"....I would say these covers probably pay for themselves in less than a month in the winter months.... "


  • Internal Depth: 76mm
  • Internal Size: due to the spacing of the fixing lugs, the usable internal size on this unit is 127x140mm 
  • External Width: 207mm
  • External Height: 165mm

Delivery: Next day if ordered before 4pm. Delivery is free when you spend over £75+VAT

Why buy from SSP Direct?
Established in 1999, our team has over 50 years of security and safety experience between us. This experience really counts when it comes to manufacturing or sourcing our extensive product range - with the savings we make being directly passed on to you at some of the UK's lowest online prices.


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