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Satellite Dish Vandal-proof Anti-theft Protective Security Cage

SSP No: 14998

RRP £156.00 (£187.20 inc VAT)

NOW £125.00 (£150.00 inc VAT)


Over 1,000 reinforced steel cages sold in 2023


SSP's heavy duty satellite dish cage is built to protect against even the most determined of attacks. Whether the attack is just mindless vandalism or theft, the tough 3mm thick case-hardened steel used in SSP's cage is proven to resist both.

Much of this heavy duty cage's strength and durability comes from its reinforced base and welded sides. It also comes with security screw fixings to ensure the vandal or thief cannot gain access by easily removing the fixings. The tool (that we do not reveal the size of) to affix these pin hex fixings can be bought from the link below. Please note that we will never sell the Satellite dish cage security driver insert to anybody who has not bought this cage in the first instance.


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