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Joan D

Wed 15th May 2019

I was genuinely delighted with the service you provided and the swiftness of the delivery.
When I tried to buy the item I wanted online it redirected me to your contact number as I am living in Ireland and it seems that this is the only way to contact you. However the call was answered quickly and the man taking my details was polite and helpful.
I would recommend your organisation without a doubt.

Alison B.

Tue 14th May 2019

Thank you for your email.
We decided to buy products from SSP Direct as there appeared to be a good choice/selection of the items we were looking to buy. Products and availability were good. Service provided was fast and efficient. Overall rating we would give 5.
Hope this helps.


Mon 13th May 2019

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP? Product search we were looking for came up tops in google and the fact that we could make it bespoke
2.What did you think of the product? Absolutely loved the end product – it added the personal side to it.
3.What did we get right? Timings were perfect, there wasn’t a hard push sale, I could do this in my own time, which worked really well for me. Even though there were a number of people involved, the transition from one person to the next was seamless and it was brilliant that whoever took over, knew exactly where we were in the process.
4.What could we improve? Everything worked really well for me so I wouldn’t be able to suggest any improvements – it worked well on my time which I think is great.
5. Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? Special thanks to Mike McNee; Gwyn Evans and Mark Hughes
Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us? 5


Fri 10th May 2019

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP? Good website & customer service when I called in
2.What did you think of the product? Very good product, although the paint finish looked a little thin (big sign though)
3.What did we get right? Delivery when said
4.What could we improve? Courier’s treatment of products!
5. Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? All the office staff were very receptive & friendly when I called
4.5, just the damaged packaging by the courier. Thank you for sorting out the damaged goods so promptly as well. Have a good weekend

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Granite Wall Buffer (2m long 150mm high 20mm thick)

SSP No: 3659

RRP £114.60 (£137.52 inc vat)

NOW £98.90 (£118.68 inc vat)

SSP's tough Polyethylene impact resistant profiles are designed to protect walls against impacts and glancing blows. Supplied in lengths of 2.06m (2060mm), each length comes pre-drilled with sealing plugs included.

Wall Buffers are particularly suited for installation in rooms and hallways, public buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, waiting rooms, surgeries, industrial premises and workshops.

Solid colours throughout profile.
Simply installed with 6mm C/sunk fasteners (not supplied).
Easily cleaned, resistant to conventional detergents.
Dimensionally stable and frost proof to -30 °C.
Easily cut and mitred with standard tools.
Colour coordinated blanking plugs for pre-drilled screw holes.
Range of colours and profiles available on request.

Delivery: Free of charge. 2-3 days

Why buy from SSP Direct? Established in 1999, our team has over 50 years of security and safety experience between us.  This experience really counts when it comes to sourcing / manufacturing our quality product range - with the savings we make being directly passed on to you at some of the UK's lowest online prices.

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