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Paul M

Wed 24th Jul 2019

Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the 4 signs that you have made for us.

I had not guessed that they would be with us so soon (the stands even matches closely the grey we have for our professional machines and furniture – a bonus!)

I attach a photo of one of the signs. Thankfully all 4 sets were in perfect condition.

Thanks to you and your colleagues for the great service

Peter B

Tue 9th Jul 2019

We are a new customer, and are hoping that we will have many more orders to place with you and we will have a mutually rewarding long term relationship.
Our first order was delivered direct to our customer, and we are pleased with the experience so far. We have spoken to various people at SSP Direct and all have been very helpful. It is early to judge, but so far we are very happy, and hope it continues.

Karyn O

Tue 9th Jul 2019

Thank you Hayley for your email.
We have previously trialed this book from yourselves and it serves its purpose well.
The product does its job perfectly for us.
The person that I spoke to over the telephone for help with ordering was very polite
and helpful.
The product arrived promptly.

Kevin L

Tue 9th Jul 2019

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP? Specific requirement
2.What did you think of the product? Very Good
3.What did we get right? Everything Thank you.
Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us? 5

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Magnetic Surface Impact Protection - Trapeze

SSP No: 2977

RRP £38.30 (£45.96 inc vat)

NOW £31.02 (£37.22 inc vat)

Please click the link to see our new Impact Protection Video

Sold in lengths of a metre, this extremely popular impact protection product is made form flexible age resistant polyurethane foam. It uniquely provides both a visual warning of objects as well as giving a safety cushioning to hard unyielding objects.

The magnetic strips are an integral part of the profile. This is a simple solution for applications that do not require permanent protection, or that require operations such cleaning or painting.

Features and Benefits:
Easy to apply, adjust or remove
Suitable for Interior & exterior use
Can be cut to size on site
Flexible non-aging PU foam
UV resistant signal colours
Solvent resistant, free from CFCs and silicone
Temperature resistant from -20C to +90C

Magnetic strips are ideal for temporary protection against metal surfaces during process work, storage or transportation. Also recommended for wet or damp environments and areas that require thorough cleaning.

Ideal for all types of impact protection, including protecting  walls, equipment and most importantly people. Used for head protection, bump protection, crash protection, pipe protection and many other applications.

Dimensions: 40mm wide x 40mm high x 1 metre long (see image)

Delivery: 1-2 days

Why buy from SSP Direct?
Established in 1999, our team has over 50 years of security and safety experience between us.  This experience really counts when it comes to sourcing / manufacturing our extensive product range, with the savings we make being directly passed on to you at some of the UK's lowest online prices.

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RRP £414.26 (£497.11 inc vat)

NOW £334.08 (£400.90 inc vat)

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