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Mandy P

Thu 23rd Jul 2020

I am very satisfied with your support. Let me give your staff that I’ve dealt with were very responsive. It’s a 5!

Regards and stay safe.

Andrew R

Wed 22nd Jul 2020

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP Direct?
The product details were clear and informative enabling me to determine which products were best suited for my needs.
I do not normally shop on-line but felt 'secure' in ordering from a locally based company.
I shared with others my positive experience plus many were taken with the Track and Trace book

2.What did you think of the product?
Very pleased with the products and matched the marketing descriptions.

3.What did we get right?
The process was smooth; confirmation and shipment information was customer focussed; marketing of products was clear and images were very helpful.
For not normally shopping online I did find the process customer orientated.

4.What could we improve?
Given that this was my first order I am not sure.

5. Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting?
I did not deal with a particular person but believe it would be helpful to the team to share my generic thinking and experience.
Hopefully this would be an encouragement given the challenges faced by all this year!

Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us?
5 out of 5

Chris K

Wed 22nd Jul 2020

I would like to thank you for the excellent service. I ordered some Torx head screws around 4pm yesterday and they were here by 8:15 this morning!

Chris F

Mon 20th Jul 2020

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP Direct? Search of the web, this product best suited our need.
2.What did you think of the product? Good quality.
3.What did we get right? Everything
4.What could we improve? Nothing I can think of.
5. Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? No, I ordered on-line.
Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us? 5

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100mm High White Thermoplastic Road Marking Letters (A-Z) and Numbers (0-9)

SSP No: 15553

RRP £5.50 (£6.60 inc vat)

NOW £4.22 (£5.06 inc vat)


Sold individually, these best selling 100mm high thermoplastic characters are easy to order. Simply, select the quantity of characters you require (numbers or letters) and then type what they are in the Instructions field above. For example, to order the word STOP, you would put 4 products in your basket and then specify the letters S, T, O and P in the instructions field below.

Alternatively, if it is easier, simply ring us on 0161 413 7939 and we can take your order over the phone.

Also available in Yellow

Whilst our standard product is white, on request, we can supply these letters and numbers in the colour yellow. Simply put this in the instruction field below. This should not delay your order.

About our Thermoplastic Marking

SSP’s thermal marking is a fast, environmentally friendly and safe alternative to paint. With over 80 items ex stock and custom facilities, you can really make your message stand out with thermoplastic. These markings last eight times longer than paint (on average) and is reflective as standard.

Installation requires a gas burner, which are shown in related products below. If it’s just a one off installation, burners are available to hire from hardware shops such as HSS or Hewden’s.

Environmentally friendly
You don’t have to worry about any chemical nastiness – your thermoplastic is 100% lead and chromate free, even at the point of installation.

Fast, Safe installation
It almost goes without saying that a gas burner should only be used by a competent, responsible person. However, as you can see in our video by clicking here, installation is a fast, simple and safe task for your handyman, caretaker or other practical person.

Users of this marking regularly install everywhere from school playgrounds to roads. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your anti slip markings will help minimise the risk of accidents, whether you’re looking after kids or HGVs.

This thermoplastic is manufactured with reflective beads. This means that you, your guests, visitors and your children can see your lines, symbols and road markings, even at night.

Manufactured in the UK
Our modelling facilities mean that we are able to give you the markings that you need with a fast turnaround. UK manufacture also ensures you get the best possible quality and customer service.

This thermoplastic will stand the test of time. Its superiority to paint means that it is already in use on the Welsh Motorway system, with full Road Trials Test Certification from BSI under BS EN 1824 and performance classification under BS EN 1463, the finish of preformed thermoplastic will be a better quality for longer, whether it’s a car park, playground or a main road.

Delivery: 2-3 Working Days

Price shown per character

Size: 100mm high

Why buy from SSP Direct?
Established in 1999, our team has over 50 years of security and safety experience between us. This experience really counts when it comes to sourcing / manufacturing our extensive product range - with the savings we make being directly passed on to you at some of the UK's lowest online prices.

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