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At last, a home fire extinguisher that does not need to be serviced

Having worked for safety and/or security companies all my professional life, the single biggest failure I have had was my inability to launch an aerosol-powered domestic fire extinguisher when I was employed as a Senior Product Manager for the UK's largest fire extinguisher company. Even though the product could be made unfortunately I failed to win hearts and minds of the decision makers above me.

Blinded by a need to be seen as Innovating Product Manager rather than a number cruncher, at the time I failed to recognise that the majority of the revenue earned by my employer came from servicing extinguishers...something that is simply not required for an aerosol-based fire extinguisher. Ultimately, it was this commercial decision that thwarted my mission.

All these years, I am not held back by the same constraints.
Unlike businesses, I believe three most important features domestic customers look for in a home, caravan or vehicle fire extinguisher is:

  • One that does not need regular servicing
  • Takes up as little room in the house or car as possible
  • Will put out almost any fire without the user having to learn all about fire classifications

In essence, domestic customers want to pull out the fire extinguisher from a concealed place and use it on whatever fire they are faced with.

Now heading up SSP all these on, at last we have developed such an extinguisher.

Quality kitemarked (certified to BS6165) the fine powder in this extinguisher will smother and extinguish all fire these types. What this means is our multi-purpose aerosol fire extinguisher will allow customers to tackle all of the following types of fire:

  • Class A: Solids like wood, paper or cloth
  • Class B: Flammable Liquids like petrol and volatile liquids
  • Class C: Flammable gases
  • Electrical Source Fire: sockets, laptops, toaster

Tackling all fire types (with the one exception of cooking oil), this aerosol can be used in the home, car or caravan:

Home Fire Extinguisher
Site this in the kitchen or near electrics. Coming with its own bracket this can be hung in the relevant area or tucked away in a convenient cupboard

Car Fire Extinguisher
Being highly effective on petrol and volatile liquid fires, this extinguisher is also ideal for vehicle protection.

Caravan Fire Extinguisher
In recent months, this extinguisher has also been approved by the Caravan Club and should be recommended to their members.

For more information on this product, please follow this multi-purpose home fire extinguisher link.