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Sally LEE Mon 4th Dec 2023

I fine the service and communication excellent nothing is ever to much trouble . The deliver service has been quick and i am updated if there has been a problem .

Rebecca Stone Mon 4th Dec 2023

Really positive experience buying from you.

Mark Sun 3rd Dec 2023

Always excellent service

Mr Barry P Bamber Fri 1st Dec 2023

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Security News

Is the way your business handles visitors compliant with the new GDPR Data Protection laws?

Here we look at five paper-based visitor systems and ask which ones are compliant with the new GDPR legislation

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Controlling rising heating costs with Thermostat covers and radiator valve locks

With rising energy costs not only effecting us at home, but in our businesses too, it is important now more than ever to manage our energy usage efficiently and cut waste.

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Make False Fire Alarms a Thing of the Past

Repeated false alarms can cause many problems, whether it be loss of earnings, revenue or just loss of staff and pupil focus. They can put emergency responders and the public at greater risk attending a non emergency and even cause complacency and risk fatigue with staff, pupils and members of the public, meaning that they are less likely to respond in a real emergency situation.

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Safety News

Fire Action Notices: What is the best way of effectively conveying your fire evacuation procedures?

Whether the message is a fire safety one or a general safety message, the problems facing sign makers are the same: what is the best way of conveying essential safety instructions - through pictures or words?

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At last, a home fire extinguisher that does not need to be serviced

The background on SSP's new multi-purpose domestic fire extinguisher

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What exactly is the right height to position a custom-made aluminium sign or road sign?

A cautionary tale for anyone installing speed control signs or directional signs

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Retractable Belt Barriers

SSP’s popular retractable belt barrier is easy to erect, robust and affordable for all.

Not only do these come in a variety of finishes, a number of the models shown also have safety and warning messages on the belt itself.

Features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty woven nylon belt
  • Impact resistant, non-scuff ABS base cover
  • Other belt barriers from range can be linked in to top (3 other slots at 90 degree intervals)
  • Low level base greatly reduces trip hazard and possible obstructions to wheel chair users
  • Belt possess braking technology for slow and safe belt retraction
  • Locking belt end prevents accidental release
  • Stainless steel post construction
  • Robust steel construction with concrete filled bases (9kg per unit) makes it able to withstand knocks & bumps
  • Full 3 year warranty

Being a stock item, we are able to dispatch this within 24 hours of purchase