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Protective Covers

SSP's range of locking protective covers and cages have been developed to prevent theft, malicious tampering and accidental operation of plug sockets, thermostats, control panels, switches, cameras, AEDs and other devices. 

Controlling rising heating costs with Thermostat covers and radiator valve locks

With rising energy costs not only effecting us at home, but in our businesses too, it is important now more than ever to manage our energy usage efficiently and cut waste. As responsible businesses, obviously we need to provide heating to keep staff warm, but energy is often wasted by the heating being left on overnight, in unused spaces, or unauthorised staff /general public turning the heating up too high and it being left on.

In the first subsection above, SSP have a range of products available to prevent unauthorised tampering of heating controls such as thermostats and radiator controls, leaving you able to responsibly control the heating and ultimately your bills.

With recent surveys suggesting that the ideal office temperature is 22 degrees, your thermostats could be set to this temperature, put on a timer and then enclosed with one of our thermostat covers. This cold well put an end to the office thermostat wars and unauthorised tampering.

In addition, by using one of our radiator valve covers you could lock out a single radiator valve in an unused space, with the radiator turned off, preventing it being turned on and left on.

As a lovely by-product, by being less wasteful with our energy, we are all helping the environment. By turning down the thermostat by just 1 degree you can reduce your carbon pollution by up to 340kg.

Helping to make defibrillators more avaible with our AED Cabinets

With the growth of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) throughout the UK and with the AEDs costing on average £1000, one of the biggest problems authorities and private individuals have is in ensuring this valuable piece of equipment is not tampered with or stolen. SSP’s range of alarmed cabinets help them to do just this whilst ensuring the AED is still readily available to anyone who needs to use it in an emergency.

Prevent tampering in special needs environments

Increasingly, care homes, special needs schools, nurseries, nursing homes and other facilities are turning to SSP to help prevent plug sockets and other electrcial devices being tampered with. Whether the people in the room have autism, dementia or any other additional needs, we have a whole variety of covers to prevent devices from being switched or off. See our controller covers section for Plug socket covers and other innovative ideas.