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Collision Barriers

....including Railing Systems, Heavy Duty Bollards, Racking Protectors, Impact Guard Rails and Collison Barriers

SSP’s range of collision barriers are as plentiful as they are versatile. Split into barriers, bars and bollards, SSP have a solution for any collision, demarcation or walkway problem.

The first range SSP have available is Hoop barriers

Also known as walkway guards or simply protective railings, these barriers provide a high visibility, solid barricade for pedestrians and vehicles alike. These one metre high barriers have a central crossbar, providing extra protection from cars and forklift trucks, as well as minimising the risk of impatient pedestrians simply ducking underneath.

These steel hoop barriers are most commonly used in warehouses and industrial units. In addition, there are hot dip galvanised and powder coated versions available, which are ideal for use externally. These are ideal for protecting external walls or demarking car park areas. It is also fairly common to see these types of barrier on shop fronts, shopping centres and other areas that require protected pedestrian walkways. Of course, using a bicycle lock alongside these can provide bicycle parking solutions for smaller organisations that do not have the space for bicycle bays or wall mounted racks.

Due to their highly visible yellow and black finish (commonly recognised as hazard warning colours) some clients choose to use these barriers as barricades to protect hazardous material storage areas. This not only serves as a physical barrier, but also as a visual reminder to take care around certain areas. Of course, using barriers of this type should never be a replacement for staff training or warning signage. Refer to ADR, CHIP and COSHH Hazchem regulations here  to ensure that you are up to date with this legislation. SSP do also stock hazchem storage cages, which are specifically designed for the purpose. These barriers can be used as an additional level of safety. Another common usage of our barriers is to protect doorways. These door hoop barriers can both protect fire doors as well as being highly visible enough to guide panicked staff. Of course, this is no substitute for safety signage and other fire exit safety procedures.

These hoop barriers are most commonly supplied as bolt down ‘Surface Mount’ barriers, which means installation is quick, simple and requires no specialist tools. Sub surface (Under floor) mounting is also available on request for new builds or more secure fixing. This allows a more secure fixing which minimises the risk of damage to the floor and barrier in the event of an accident, as well as the obvious security benefits of having no visible bolts. If security is an issue for your particular application, why not have a look at our range of security bolts? Give us a call on 0844 997 0101 and our sales team will be happy to advise.

Another popular range is SSP’s one piece collision barriers. Similar to the hoop barriers, these barricades are designed with forklift and pallet trucks in mind. These barriers range in height from 350-1200mm and span 750-2000mm in width, and with a 76mm steel construction are built to stay put in the event of a collision. This means that the potential damage from a forklift truck is minimised greatly. A forklift should move between three and six miles per hour, however, even at top speed (8mph) these collision barriers can stop a forklift without causing injury to the driver or damage to the items protected. Perhaps the most popular type of collision protection, these barriers are seen everywhere from warehouses to self storage facilities and car parks, no doubt due to their versatile nature and varied range.

As well as stopping power, the hazard warning colours used make these barriers perfect for surrounding hazardous or dangerous chemicals. Alternatively, one of SSP’s regular customers use these barriers to mark the end of parking bays, whilst protecting the side of their Victorian era workplace. The 350mm height in particular is perfect for this use as it minimises the risk of serious damage to cars, even in the event of a low speed parking collision. Due to their steel construction, (Galvanised and powder coated) these barricades are perfectly suitable for use outside, and able to stand the test of time from both physical hardship and weathering. Our hot dip galvanisation process is second to none when it comes to weather protection, and our powder coating leaves a flawless and extremely high quality finish which adds a level of aesthetics to your health and safety equipment.

From the same range, SSP also have corner pieces available. These barriers are again suitable for use outside, and due to their L shaped construction are extremely versatile. Commonly used to protect corner housed pipework and machinery, these 76mm diameter barriers are available in a range of sizes. SSP also hold in stock corner pieces with forklift shields, which protect from forks as well as accidental collision. These specialist barriers are used regularly in self storage warehouses, protecting units, cages and racking from pallet trucks and trolleys.

Installation of these barriers is simple and quick using bolts. Advice on these matters is available from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday either by phone (0844 997 0101), email ([email protected]) or via live chat. (Using the yellow tab on the bottom right hand corner of your PC or mobile screen) Our sales team are up to date with SSP’s product range and are happy to assist or advise, without being pushy or selling unnecessary equipment. If you are looking for more than a couple of barriers, it is always best to call to discuss the best possible pricing for your specific application.

The most versatile range of collision barrier can be seen here: This range of impact protection is supplied piece by piece, as a modular set. This range can be used to create one tier (500mm) or dual tier (1000mm tall) barriers. As single, double and T shaped uprights can be supplied, this barrier system can be used to create protected walkways, corner barriers or even to separate entire warehouses. Their bolt together nature means that they can be installed by one competent person with no specific training or specialist equipment.

Since length bars are supplied in 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000mm lengths, the system is as versatile as you could possibly need. These collision bars are fixed to the ground using bolts, or for a more collision friendly setup, the SSP Flex Pad. The flex pad is a 200mm square shock absorption pad which provides a level of flexibility. Detailed here, this rubber pad simply allows a 10° give in the rigidity of the barrier, reducing potential damage to your staff and vehicles, as well as protecting the barrier itself. This barrier is showcased in SSP’s video here

The next possible collision solution is the floor level barrier. These ingenious products are designed specifically for vehicles. With a solid 76mm powder coated construction and an 86mm height, these barriers come into contact with wheels rather than bodywork, which both minimises damage and provides an instant warning to the driver, before any dangerous or destructive collisions occur. Again, corner pieces are available in order to protect more specialist or inconveniently placed equipment.

The floor barrier is equipped with sloped edges. This clever design means that damage to tyres is minimised dramatically in the event that the barrier is ‘kerbed’ by a car or forklift. Its 10mm thick steel fixing plates will ensure that the bar stays put, even when hit with considerable force. A video showing the finish and quality of these bars is available here and if you require a more in depth video, simply get in touch and we’ll make it available.

Another of SSP’s ranges is also designed for use with pipes, as well as warehouse racking. 

The racking guards are supplied with 160mm faces and are available both two and three sided. With a strong 6mm steel construction, these protectors are more than capable of protecting from impact from a pallet truck or forklift. They are also constructed using yellow and black hazard warning colours, which provides a visual deterrent as well as a physical one.

Models of racking protection with rollers are available, which further minimises the risk of damage from pallet trucks by simply encouraging them to roll by, rather than take a full on hit. This clever design is used in SSP’s own warehouse to great effect, which has greatly reduced the damaged caused by the (self confessed) clumsiest packing staff on earth! Again, fixing is simple using bolts, and can easily be done by one person, without specialist equipment or training.

A new addition to the range is the drain and waste pipe guard. These guards are available in 300 and 500mm heights, in yellow and black or galvanised grey finishes and are simply wall mounted around the pipe at a height determined by the installer. This means that forklifts, cars or pallet trucks can be targeted specifically without the need to install excessive equipment or multiple products. If you’re looking for a pipe protector with a bit more height, we do have a range available here, spanning 1000-1500mm. As may be expected, these items are both galvanised and powder coated, leaving a high quality finish that can withstand weathering without a problem.

As well as hoop barriers and U shaped protection, this range also includes SSP’s heavy duty bollards. These bollards range from 1200-1600mm high and diameters of 90-194mm. As such, they are extremely heavy duty and therefore more than capable of withstanding collision from trucks, cars or pallet trucks.

The high grade steel used to manufacture these posts is hot dip galvanised and powder coated. This means that as well as being able to cope with impact, the risk of weathering is minimised greatly. These bollards are generally used for areas with restricted space, however, they can be used to mark edges of car parks, which reduces the chance of damage from lazy drivers cutting corners, to the detriment of whoever parked there in the first place. Their stability and solid construction does, however, pose a serious risk of damage to any vehicle that is to collide with them. If your car park or warehouse requires a more forgiving post, SSP’s range of self correcting posts may be more suitable.

Of course, with all collision barrier products, safety is paramount. Their sole purpose is to (hopefully) prevent accidents which could cause injury to yourself, your staff or other persons. Naturally, this means that collision barriers can be a way to help comply with Health & Safety legislation. The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires an employer to ensure the health and safety of their employees and anybody else who may be effected. Collision barriers can be a way to help compliance with this for countless organisations; busy warehouses with high levels of forklift movement, inspection garages with open pits, or vehicle storage facilities and so on. If you have a risk that could be minimised by barriers, feel free to give us a call or email photographs to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to advise. Another potentially relevant piece of legislation is the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This requires employers to assess falling risks and take action to address them. Again, collision barriers can be used to surround elevated areas or open pits in order to minimise any non compliance, and more importantly safeguard the safety of your workforce and clientele. Another regulation to bear in mind is the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. This dictates that people should be able to move around safely. Segregating pedestrian and machinery areas using collision barriers is perhaps their most common use. This simple means of segregation can prove extremely beneficial to both risk assessments and safety, in the event of an accident.

If you have any questions or need any advice at all, please feel free to get in touch. Our office is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and our sales team are happy to help. Head over to our contact us page to find more details. If you’re based in the Manchester area, we’d be happy to visit your site, do a survey and provide advice on any barriers, bollards, signage or other health and safety equipment.