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James Sat 24th Feb 2024

I found the Product really graet and used a few times now and really gives me the strong safety i am looking for. I found the Customer service to be ok but could be better. I found at times it was some what Slow and not responsive enough. But the communication in general was really good and the fact i was asking for customer job too I was deeply impressed and happy and would pass you on to others.

Graham Hipkins Mon 19th Feb 2024

Range of products, excellent. Helpful and knowledgable customer service. Delivery by DPD pathetic.

Tom Fri 16th Feb 2024

Sign was customised quickly and easily. Delivered within 48hrs.

John Patterson Wed 14th Feb 2024

Great service as always. Many thanks!

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Is the way your business handles visitors compliant with the new GDPR Data Protection laws?

Here we look at five paper-based visitor systems and ask which ones are compliant with the new GDPR legislation

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Controlling rising heating costs with Thermostat covers and radiator valve locks

With rising energy costs not only effecting us at home, but in our businesses too, it is important now more than ever to manage our energy usage efficiently and cut waste.

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Make False Fire Alarms a Thing of the Past

Repeated false alarms can cause many problems, whether it be loss of earnings, revenue or just loss of staff and pupil focus. They can put emergency responders and the public at greater risk attending a non emergency and even cause complacency and risk fatigue with staff, pupils and members of the public, meaning that they are less likely to respond in a real emergency situation.

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Safety News

Fire Action Notices: What is the best way of effectively conveying your fire evacuation procedures?

Whether the message is a fire safety one or a general safety message, the problems facing sign makers are the same: what is the best way of conveying essential safety instructions - through pictures or words?

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At last, a home fire extinguisher that does not need to be serviced

The background on SSP's new multi-purpose domestic fire extinguisher

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What exactly is the right height to position a custom-made aluminium sign or road sign?

A cautionary tale for anyone installing speed control signs or directional signs

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Cover and Cage Size Finder

Please use the following to find a cover or cage that closely matches your requirements. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of all of our products, it is just the ones with the nearest internal dimensions:

Locking Cover with open back
Locking Cabinet with closed back
Easy Opening Cover
Easy Opening Cabinet

Longest Side
What is the measurement in mm of the longest side of the device you are looking to cover?

Shortest Side
What is the measurement in mm of the shortest side of the device you are looking to cover?

How far does the device protrude from the wall? (ie how deep does the cover/cage need to be?)