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Is the way your business handles visitors compliant with the new GDPR Data Protection laws?

On the 25th May 2018 the UK’s Data Protection Act was superseded by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This new piece of legislation increased the level of responsibility workplaces have in managing and storing data compliantly. Critically, in the case of visitor records, this means other visitors or staff should not be able to see who has signed in previously.

Here we look at five paper based visitor systems and ask which ones are compliant:

Simple, non-duplicating guest or visitor books that are left permanently on display. Put simply, these are not compliant as they go against every facet of the new data protection laws.

Duplicating visitor sign-in books that show the names of previous visitors to the current person signing in. Again, simply not compliant, as personal information is revealed to others

Visitor systems with a tear out pass and, most importantly, a data protection discreet sheet concealing the names of those that have signed in previously from the most recent visitor. If this system is used in an area that is manned, these should be compliant. This is because, by the very nature of the system, the pass itself is removed by the person signing-in and a copy of their name is then concealed beneath the discreet sheet.
What’s more, simply by using this system, you are demonstrating you are doing all you can prevent the names of visitors being seen by others.

Visitor systems with a the discreet sheet sealed over the top of the backsheet. These systems take basic principle of a discreet sheet concealing the names of all visitors one step further. This is because it is even harder for unauthorised staff and visitor to see who has signed in previously. As with the above discreet sheet system, this should also be compliant.

Finally, blacked out sign-in visitor book, with the names of those that have signed in completely obscured on the top sheet. This style of book is completely compliant, as only the initials of those signing in previously is visible to any subsequent visitors. The only way of seeing who has signed in previously is break the seal joining the blacked-out page from the concealed page beneath.

The caveat!
As responsible seller of visitor pass systems and visitor books we have to stress that the products that we feel are compliant, are only compliant if they are used in manned reception desks, where responsible members of staff can ensure that other visitors or staff do not reveal the names of those that have signed in that day or week.

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