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Make False Fire Alarms a Thing of the Past

Repeated false alarms can cause many problems, whether it be loss of earnings, revenue or just loss of staff and pupil focus. They can put emergency responders and the public at greater risk attending a non emergency and even cause complacency and risk fatigue with staff, pupils and members of the public, meaning that they are less likely to respond in a real emergency situation.
Whist educating businesses, staff, pupils and the publicto be proactive about preventing malicious activation is important, one immediate and sufficient way to drastically reduce and even eliminate false alarms is by installing alarmed call point covers.
When this easy to retrofit cover is lifted a loud warning alarm will sound locally, causing immediate attention to the area before the fire alarm is then activated. Many of our schools in particular have had great success with reducing false alarms, both accidental and intentional.
Other sizes and variants are available, so if you can't see what you are looking for, please give our customer service team a call.