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JL West Midlands

Fri 23rd Jul 2021

Excellent service

Rob Scott

Wed 21st Jul 2021

Helen Avenell

Wed 21st Jul 2021

The customer service over the telephone was fantastic - really helpful both initially on advice about the product I was looking for, and latterly when I was chasing the order. However, delivery was appalling. Despite being on the Scottish mainland I had to pay the ridiculous 'Highlands & Islands' surcharge which meant my package (measuring approx. A5 envelope size) cost me £35 in delivery charges. Added to that, I ordered on Thursday afternoon and the package arrived the following Tuesday (not exactly next day delivery). I have dealt with other companies who do not add this restrictive & unfair charge to their delivery for anyone who happens to live within what is a huge postcode area, covering not only 'remote' islands but also a significant part of the Scottish mainland, and suggest that you look at other courier options. We may be a small percentage of your customers but this charge is really unacceptable. For this reason I could not recommend your company and if I had not required this product in such a hurry, I would have gone elsewhere to order.

SSP Response: 

Good morning Helen

I have looked at your order and feedback below. I am really pleased to see you were happy with the customer service and product, as we take customer satisfaction very seriously. I can see you were only charged £16.65 for delivery which we informed you at time of order. I can appreciate your frustration at the charges, but unfortunately this is the charge DPD charge us. We do not make any profit on delivery whatsoever, we just pass on our charge. As DPD class this as a Highlands delivery, it is a two day service, which is beyond our control unfortunately. The goods left us the same day we received your order. We do review our courier service regularly to make sure it is the most cost effective, but we do have to balance this with reliability, as I am sure you can appreciate. 

Thank you for your order and for taking the time to complete our survey, which is so important to make sure we are always striving for the very best service.

Have a lovely week.

Amanda Craven

Wed 21st Jul 2021

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School Late Arrival Register with duplicating slips for pupils (200 Refill)

SSP No: 14373

RRP £40.00 (£48.00 inc vat)

NOW £29.90 (£35.88 inc vat)

This best selling late arrival register is a way of permanently recording each pupil that arrives at your school late.  It captures their name, form, arrival time, reason for latest and the person in the office authorising/recording their late arrival. 

Each slip is uniquely numbered. The pupil is asked to take this with them to class to present to the Class Teacher. The school office is then left with a list of all those pupils that have turned up late in the last week or month. 

This duplicated record can be used for a number of things - from observing patterns of persistent offenders to compiling end of year summary reports.

Fields on Late Arrival Register:
Print Pupil’s Name
Arrival Rime
Reason for Late Arrival
Print Name of Person Authorising Late arrival
Ass No

Is this system compliant with the GDPR?
As it has a discreet sheet to conceal details of all late comers, then yes it absolutely does comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). The only thing we should stress though - to ensure compliance when not in use - you must ensure it is stored away securely. Under no circumstances would this system comply if it was left out in an unmanned area for any length of time.

Kit comprises of:
200 self-duplicating absence slips 

Backboard when open: (Height x Width) 325mm x 460mm
Size when book closed: (Height x Width) 325mm x 240mm
Paper underlay: (Height x Width) 278mm x 240mm
Late slip size before folding: (Height x Width) 84mm x 176mm 

Delivery: 1-2 working days 

Personalised Books available: Should you wish to personalise this Late Arrival Register with your logo and specific health and safety/fire instructions please call us today on 0161 413 7939. 

Why buy from SSP Direct?
Established in 1999, our team has over 50 years of security and safety experience between us.  Our Commercial Director has also been involved in the print trade for over 10 years. This experience really counts when it comes to sourcing / manufacturing our extensive product range - with the savings we make being directly passed on to you at some of the UK's lowest online prices.

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