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Paul B

Tue 11th May 2021

Thank you Mike for the great service .

Graham M

Tue 11th May 2021

What made you choose to buy these products from SSP? , Appearance, security and price.

What did you think of the product? , Very good, as expected.

What did we get right? Good web site, lots of clear photo’s/info, easy to order/pay, very fast delivery

What could we improve? Zip

Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? No

Carl T

Tue 11th May 2021

What made you choose to buy these products from SSP? I google searched what I needed and you were the best price for exactly the product I needed.

What did you think of the product? Exactly what I need

What did we get right? Easy checkout on the website

What could we improve? As the checkout, product and delivery were what I expected, I feel no improvements are necessary at this time

Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? I haven’t spoken to any individual due to the experience being very smooth

Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us? 5

Paul H

Thu 6th May 2021

Hello, what a good product, easy for me to finally get the size i needed, great delivery time, good quality, easy to fit, 5stars.

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External Waterproof break glass Gas Shut Off Button

SSP No: 15281

RRP £50.00 (£60.00 inc vat)

NOW £43.50 (£52.20 inc vat)

This popular waterproof break glass shut off button is specifically designed for use outside, or within harsh environments such as oil rigs, ships, factories and wash down areas.

This emergency over-ride exit is unique in that it mimics the feel of breaking glass without the owner having to go to the cost and trouble of replacing the glass once it has been depressed. Being 100% re-usable, all the owner/operator has to do is simply insert and turn the key to reactivate the unit.

How does it work?
The break button utilises a unique rigid plastic operating element and an over-centre spring mechanism. Upon impact, the unit immediately activates the over-ride or cut off mechanism. Once activated a warning indicator drops into view so the building's owner/operator can quickly identify which call point was activated. It can then be reset with the turn of a plastic key (supplied with unit).

What does IP67 mean?
IP67 equipment generally relates to the connectivity market. An IP67 rating means this button is 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water.

Electrical Arrangement
This call point incorporates two independent single pole changeover switches providing double pole changeover contacts. Easily accessed through the installer terminals as illustrated.

Current Rating (Series 02-04 & 11): 3 Amps 125 - 250V AC
Low Current Rating* (All Series):  1-100 mA 5 - 12V DC / 0.1 Amps 125 - 250V AC


  • IP67 rated for external use
  • Double pole changeover switch arrangement 
  • Includes back box and wall plate
  • Glass appearance maintains operator deterrence
  • Positive activation that mimics the feel of breaking glass
  • Visible warning flag confirms activation
  • Simple key to reset operating element - no broken glass
  • No glass elements to break, lose or incorrectly fit during installation
  • Complete functional test with every activation
  • Extremely attractive, high value look and feel


90mm (high) x 89mm (wide) x 72mm deep


  • Housing and Mounting Box Material: Polycarbonate
  • Electrical Contact Material: Silver plated brass
  • Operating Temperature: -200C to +650C
  • Installation Terminal Conductor Size: 0.5mm - 2.5mm

Supplied with a choice of 12 standard messages, including:


Delivery: 5 working days on average

Installation of Surface Mount Button
This button is supplied complete with its own surface mounting back box, 20mm entry holes can be easily cut using the template provided on each back box. With the screws provided, fix the back box to the wall and secure the wall plate to the back box. Carefully attach the call point to the top of the wall plate and hinge down to snap securely into place.

Why buy from SSP Direct?
Established in 1999, our team has over 50 years of security and safety experience between us. This experience really counts when it comes to manufacturing or sourcing our extensive product range - with the savings we make being directly passed on to you at some of the UK's lowest online prices.

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